KASKO means “great blue herron” in Abenaki and is the symbol of patience and strength.  When one looks at the blue heron, the KASKO, it stands tall, with one leg up and head to the sky calling to the Almighty Creator.

Our story

Angélique and Pepper met in 2018, and immediately the two felt a connection through the power and magic of storytelling and the impact it has on its audience. They found they both shared a similar story, one of overcoming adversity and their common belief that they could change the world and make it a place of compassion and understanding through the development of quality content in the mainstream media that expresses our current reality through themes that will challenge and inspire others.

One inclusive of diversity and by offering voice and a place in mainstream media, it would hold the power to create better relationships, and better understandings of each other, and in terms of oneself. 

Building stronger bridges would be the start of their beautiful professional history.

We need to resist the tyranny of low expectations. We need to open our eyes to the inequality that remains. We won’t unlock the full potential of the workplace until we see how far from equality we really are.

Sheryl Sandberg

Our Vision

Through the power of storytelling, we hope to promote diversity and embrace the uniqueness of others in order to build an understanding not only of each other but to gain a stronger sense of self.

Our Mission

To build a talent incubator where diversity and inclusion are ingrained in our people and to collaborate with artists from across the globe to produce content from concept to production in order to bring forth a better future, one of understanding and connection.

What we do


Flying high, far and thinking

Documentary films are the perfect vehicle to leaving an impact and to evoke important dialogues. We want to embrace stories that open people up to a better understanding of each other, with all our diversity. By focusing on stories of diversity we cannot only empower the storytellers’ visions but open new forms of thinking to our audiences and create a more understanding and compassionate world.


Tell and meet the universal

Fiction gives us the power to tell stories with flexibility, and to push narratives with powerful storylines. It is our mandate to bring more diverse characters to the forefront empowering and embracing new perspectives that we have yet to see on the screen.

Digital Media

Showing the world our content

Today’s world is fast-changing and digital media has become a great means for engaging audiences and even inviting new ideas into the mix. The opportunities are endless, as people we love to be involved, feeling included, it is something everyone craves at their core, it is a feeling of togetherness and with creating projects with this focus in mind, the connections created are powerful. We know that it is necessary to include our audiences in these important dialogues and with digital media as a platform we create potential to do just that. Create bigger communities of understanding and togetherness while funnelling through our differences and finding our likenesses, making our audiences stronger together.


To be free to dream

Animation is a fun way to create new perspectives, creating characters that reflect today’s world and writing stories that open our hearts up to the beauty of its diversity. With the flexibility animation presents, in storytelling, we can reach larger audiences with hopes to impact all ages.

Our Team


Co-Founder, Executive Producer

Angie-Pepper is a bilingual Mohawk/Abenaki Producer/ Director/Writer and Media Professional.

Since graduating from Concordia University’s Fine Arts, she has been responsible for and directed many different projects ranging from kids’ programming to socially driven documentaries, reality TV and docu-series and dramatic reconstruction.

Her work has been seen on major networks such as CBC, TVA, Fox Net, Fox Sports1, APTN, Spike, TVO and many others. She is extremely diverse in her skills and in all of her many pursuits—as Producer, Writer, Director, Angie-Pepper O’Bomsawin has become well known for her drive and dedication to changing the image of First Nations on screen.

She strongly believes in the power of storytelling for transformation and social change and prides herself on being a positive role model and an inspiration to native youth and a powerhouse for women of diversity.


Co-Founder, Executive Producer

Passionate about human stories, Angélique Richer is undoubtedly a go-getter who has been working and sailing against all odds in the media industry since 1995. At the same time host, designer and producer of content, she actively collaborates on projects intended for television and new media. In 2012, she co-founded the first digital distribution company in Quebec (HG on the net). The projects that she imagines and develops or in which she collaborates are broadcast on Quebec and Canadian channels: Historia, Télé-Quebec, TV5, Unis TV, MAtv , APTN, Radio-Canada, V, RDS, Bravo, etc.

As a consultant on various cultural issues, former member of the board of directors of the Academy, juror on several competitions and currently sitting on the executive of Doc Quebec, her involvement actively denotes her passion and curiosity for the Arts Industry in all its entirety. She is currently completing a bachelor’s degree by cumulation of certificates at HEC Montréal.

Professional and dynamic, she is appreciated for her positive leadership.

Our projects

In Production

Game Show - Youth
13 x 30 min

BULL'S EYE is a fun game show that allows Indigenous youth to share their culture through knowledge, physical and creative challenges.


Are you ready to take on this opportunity?
Apply here to become a contestant on BULL'S EYE!

In Development

13 x 30 min

LITTLE BIG COMMUNITY provides a unique and authentic look at the issues and actions taken during the pandemic by Indigenous communities around the world. The coronavirus has drastically changed our lifestyles and we want to discover the changes that have resulted from it.

LITTLE BIG COMMUNITY is a series that meets with 13 different communities that all have one thing in common: resilience. Each episode will embody strong and meaningful themes that talk about the positive initiatives taken by the people of these communities


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